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What You Need to Know

For the past few years, I have considered transferring my thoughts from my journal to an online blog for millions of people to view... and have their own opinion; which put me off. Recently, nothing drastic has changed other than my own realization that regardless of what you do, you will be judged & picked apart by someone who either doesn't like you or who can't understand your position & what you're trying to achieve..
My aim is to become a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, motivation, advice or simply searching for someone out their who has or is going though a similar if not the same situation to what you might or could be experiencing. I hope my blog brings different emotions to different people; I want to help you delve into the deepest parts of your soul. Sometimes it may be easy & other times not so much, but as women, we're here to grow, empower & lift each other. Heighten our own vibrations & gain the most out of life, love, wealth, health & happiness. I founded Halfway Through my Twenties with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind; it wont always be sunshine & rainbows, but I am here for realism rather than negativity

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I have connected my Instagram account below so you can see the face behind my page, I don't post photos regularly & all my memories are attached to my monthly highlights. I'll more than likely bombard you with quotes on my story daily than anything else but here you'll get more of an insight into who I am & get to know me more on a personal level

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