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Life in Dubai

Halfway Through my Twenties

During the Covid pandemic, on September 26th 2020 I caught my flight to Dubai to start a fresh new life. Its what I needed, a new routine, a new atmosphere, a new job with new people. It sounds amazing doesn't it?!

Pre-Covid, friends & people I knew were travelling left, right & center & I was jealous... I'd unfollow these people on social media platforms because I couldn't bare to see how much fun they were having whilst I was still in my routine of constant anxiety & drama. I wish I had the confidence & the independency they had.

Moving to Dubai was something I was considering since my family & I visited in April 2019. After a couple of months considering this, I began to apply for jobs on for a Hair Stylist position & I heard back within a few days.

Reality hit that this could be possible, I froze & didn't respond.

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Take the leap of faith!

January 2020, I followed up the job offer in Dubai & arrangements were made for my flight out on April 13th. The number 13 isn't exactly riddled with luck so I knew something wasn't going to go to plan..

Anyway, I cut ties with the 'situationship' I was involved in at the time & I remember how upset I was because I didn't know if what I was doing was the right thing. I cancelled my contract with the building where I had my own little salon & I began to clear my things away ready for my fresh start although due to Covid, my flight was then put on hold until the September of that year.

You would think relocating is just excitement, leaving parties & cheering with your loved ones, right?

Its normal to feel anticipation, anxious & overwhelmed when something so big in your life is happening but I chose to do this out of fear, not excitement.

Without taking this leap of faith, I wouldn't be experiencing Dubai, I wouldn't be growing as a women, mentally, emotionally & physically; and I wouldn't have faced my fears & anxieties

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