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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Life

So, I could write a list of 20+ things you could do to improve your life so I'll create another post with these points. But for now, I want to share with you what I think is the top 3 easiest ways to improve your life

To start with, I don't want you to think too literal. I need you to be open minded & this is about improving you, your mindset & overall, your happiness. Each point isn't going to win over some guy or get the job you want. But the butterfly effect from doing these 3 things to begin with can lead to a much more positive outlook on life which will attract the things meant for you!

Okay Guys, Firstly...


Sorry to shout but I need you to listen to me..

I want you to write down your thoughts, your emotions, your reactions, how much water you have drank, how much time you have spent with friends & family, how much time you have spent in the gym.

I want you to write down if you've had a good day & why. I want you to write down if you've had a bad day & why.

Most journals encourage positivity & I don't know about you, but if I cant write down anything positive I feel worse. Realistically not every day is perfect. Accept you've had a crappy day & write down why. Without these days, you wouldn't appreciate your best days & getting it all down on paper & seeing your thoughts in front of you will help you to make changes for the following day rather than a repeated pattern



Or before you go to sleep. Sorry but you're already setting yourself up for a day that isn't about you no matter how much you kid yourself into thinking you are. "Well I'm going out with my friends later' or "Well today is for me because I have things plan with my loved ones"

Okay so then you won't need to check your phone right? What for? Give it an hour, have your breakfast, shower, brush your teeth & check your phone when you're ready.

The reason I say this is because the moment you wake up & check your phone, it doesn't only distract your mind but it also sets the tone for distraction for the rest of the day. Apart from this, looking at your phone upon waking up will hijack your time & attention, and making you less productive.



People don't realize how much the diet you have can effect your mood which in turn effects your day. Unhealthy eating patterns can cause mood swings & its the nutritional imbalances which are to blame. Studies have found (google it) that a diet high in refined sugars effects brain function & even worsening symptoms of mood disorders such as depression. Its well known that a diet high in processed meats, fried food, candy, pastries & high - fat dairy products is more likely to make you feel anxious & depressed.

This isn't just about your physical appearance & eating healthy, this is about your mental well-being. Look after your mind & your body will look after itself

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