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Why it's ok to have unproductive days

8 Ways to Recharge your Energy

Firstly, Mental Exhaustion can happen when you're overworked, over stressed, or experience overwhelming worry that continues for a period of time.

Its normal to feel tired & unproductive to the point where you don't feel like doing anything, but in return, you might feel anxious because you're not as productive as you think you "should be."

We live in a society where constantly working & being productive is glorified...

How to recharge yourself

1. Process your thoughts & feelings

Evaluate your thoughts & feelings that take up space in your mind. Discern what thoughts are facts & release the ones you've created in your mind.

Let go of those made up thoughts & refrain from giving them any more attention (I know its easier said than done but we are working on improvement right?)

2. Come back to the present moment

The only thing you can influence is the present moment. The past has already happened & you can't control what ends up happening in the future. If you find your mind wandering, I want you to pick one thing in the room or your surroundings to focus on & start pointing out all the details about it. This is one way you can practice mindfulness & bring yourself back to the present.

3. Get Fresh Air

Being outside can help keep you alert & improve your energy levels by 90% according to studies. Sometimes you might not feel like going outside, but just try it. Once your out there, breathe & focus on the present

4. Digital Detox

Take a break from social media & watching the news/TV. Mindless scrolling takes us out of the present & the influx of information can drain our energy. Rest your eyes & take a breather

5. Go to bed early

& do not use your phone for at least one hour before you sleep. Don't tell yourself how hard it is because I know. But then that's how you know your addicted to your phone. Let it go. Set your alarm if needs be. If not, don't & allow yourself to get the sleep your body needs. Maybe watch your favorite program on Netflix or read a book to get you sleepy (the book will work better & faster!) & just fall asleep without entertaining your phone

6. Take breaks throughout the day

Stop & step away from whatever you're doing & sit down, relax your mind, breathe & give yourself time to recharge a little

7. Take a Mental Health day to yourself, from work

Sometimes, you need an extra day to focus solely on recharging yourself.

Good companies will allow you to take time to decompress because they want the best work from you

Don't feel guilty about this, you & your mental health comes before anyone

8. Connect with friends & family

Whether your in another country or live close by, face time, call or go visit your loved ones. Don't isolate yourself from the people who care about you the most. I know some days are hard & you might not feel like making the effort, but you have to keep your head together & live in the present moment. Time spent & proper conversation with the right people will do you the world of good!

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